Eyebrow Contouring Is the Hottest Beauty Trend Right Now

Beauty artists know the importance of paying special attention to the eyes. Maybe that’s why the eyebrows have such a big impact on your overall look, whether its their shape, color, thickness or whatever. Eyebrow contouring has been in for a long time and is more than proven to be an art worth mastering. So read on, future master of this elegant art.

1. Prep comes first

Make sure there is no foundation, cream or powder residue left over. Then use the appropriate brush to neatly shape and form the eyebrow.

2. Creating the contour

Contouring requires both a lighter and darker shade of eyebrow agent. Powder works best. Outline the upper and lower edges of the eyebrow with powder, but don’t overdo it, otherwise you may end up with some unnatural marker-like lines.

3. Filling in the contour

Go over the main body of the eyebrow with the darker shade, leaving the inner and outlying parts untouched. This will create some volume and give a certain visual depth.

4. Gradient

The lighter shades turn has come, use them for all the areas left untouched in the previous step. Leave some overlap with the darker shade, making for a more natural look.

5. Highlighting

The final step is highlighting. Lightly highlight the outer sides and far edges. Then the upper part and lower edge, around the eyelid. This will accent the dark brows, giving your look some character. You could also use shine effect concealer to do the job.

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