Fascinator DIY Tutorial: Hat-Headband Made ​​of Satin Ribbon and Cord

Behind today’s Advent calendar door hides a simple tutorial for a pretty headband. You only need a cord and a satin ribbon for this DIY tutorial. A great accessory for the upcoming party season, or a safe weapon, if you once again have to fight against “Bad Hair Days”.


This DIY Tutorial You Need:

  •  headband
  • cord
  • satin ribbon
  • felt
  • glue
  • scissors
  • pins (to fix the cord)

DIY Tutorial – The Step-by-Step Instructions:

Coat a little bit of glue in the middle of the felt and place on top of the cord on it. Now always first apply more glue around the cord on the felt and then glue the next row of the cord on it. In total, I’ve turned around the cord for nine times.

Cut off the excess felt just below the last rounding.

Cut three long and one short satin ribbon for the bows. My bands are 21, 20, 17, and 4 cm long.

This step is used for the three long ribbons. Glue together the ends of the tape to get circles. Then apply some glue to the inside in the middle of the ribbons and squeeze them to get nice loops.

Now put all three glued loops (starting with the largest loop) together and fix them with the short satin ribbon to a new loop.

Glue the bow in the middle of the “cord-hat”.

Now attach the hat to the headband and fix it inside with some felt. DONE!

TIP: If you slightly turn down the hat when gluing, later it looks even prettier because it better fits the head shape;).

DIY Tutorial – The Final Result:

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