Fascinator DIY Tutorial: Small Burlesque Hat

I am often asked how I get all the DIY ideas. The history of this tutorial started two days ago in the evening when Jasmin asked me via Facebook for a tutorial of crafting a small hat. Yesterday at breakfast, I still thought about it, and while I spooned my yogurt to the end, I had a brilliant idea: Exactly, this yogurt cup is a small hat!

This DIY tutorial does require some patience, but it is a must for all fans of steampunk, burlesque, goth, or cosplay!

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. yogurt cup, 400g volume (mine is from Hofer, in Germany Aldi – the one with the paper label;))
  2. Thin craft felt (1 mm)  and one sheet of extra thick felt (3.5 mm) 
  3. Items for spicing up (lace, feathers, rhinestones, buckles, lace, net, sequins, … – whatever you prefer)
  4. Ruler
  5. Kitchen sponge
  6. An empty CD-box (for the circle of the hat brim, about 14 cm in diameter)
  7. Craft glue
  8. Tape measure (or ruler)
  9. Cutter 
  10. Scissors
  11. Pen for marking
  12. One or two hair clips
  13. Carton about 9 cm long

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Mark a circle on a thin and a thick felt by using the round CD-box as a template and cut out these two circles. You can also take a CD, but then your hat gets about 2 to 3 cm smaller.

DIY Step 2

On the piece of cardboard mark a height of 6 centimeters and cut it out (see picture). If you want your hat not so high you can make the measure somewhat shorter.

DIY Step 3

Place the washed-out yogurt cup upside down. Take the “measure cardboard” from the step above and mark the 6 cm point. Now with the pen draw around the cup to get the line for cutting the cup at the fitting height.

DIY Step 4

Cut the cup with the craft knife along the mark. Make sure that the work area is protected.

DIY Step 5

Measure the height of the cropped cup top and cut a strip of thin felt with this width. Then glue the felt around the cropped cup. Do not glue felt to the last centimeter of the top.

DIY Step 6

Put the cup base on felt and cut a round circle, including about two extra centimeters for the border. Here you do not have to be as accurate as this part of the cup later anyway disappears inside.

DIY Step 7

Glue this felt circle to the bottom of the cup and make small incisions all around (for a better view look forward to the next picture).

DIY Step 8

Now coat much glue on the edges of the cut felt.

DIY Step 9

Even cover the side of felt with glue.

DIY Step 10

Now insert the bottom part of the cup from below into the cut cup and let it look out about half a centimeter.

DIY Step 11

Now cover the rest of the cup with felt. Therefore measure the cup, mark the widths on the thin felt and cut.

DIY Step 12

Glue the thin felt to the cup and make very small incisions around the cup with scissors.

DIY Step 13

Now your sensitivity is needed: Gently (with no pressure!) apply with the soft side of the kitchen sponge on the “felt hat” (especially the upper and side edges). Thus, the entire felt pads get much softer and the glued points and cuts will “merge almost into each other”.

DIY Step 14

Now place the cup with the open side down on a piece of thin felt and mark a circle with a small addition (about 1 cm) on this felt. Then turn the cup around and cut the felt with the craft knife around the edge of the cup. If you do not have a cutter, you first have to mark this circle before you cut it with scissors.

DIY Step 15

Coat glue on the edge of the cup…

DIY Step 16

… and slip the cut felt ring over the cap and glue it to the cup border.

DIY Step 17

Now we need the two large circles, we have cut out at the beginning. Glue the first thin felt circle to the bottom of the cup.

DIY Step 18

Now coat the brim with a lot of glow and fix the circle of thick felt on it.

DIY Step 19

Once again cut the finished hat ground with the scissors. So you get the unsightly edges rounded, and the two layers of felt by cutting combine with each other even better.

DIY Step 20

Now your small hat is finished and you can now start with the decorations. Think about the way you prefer to wear the hat (left or right) and decorate accordingly. In addition, you can use decorative elements for hiding small working errors. I glued a piece of wide lace ribbon around the hat and with the lower part I loosely draped the ground to hide the lower glued areas. The large feathers are located so as to hide the side of felt adhesive edges.

TIP: Do you want that hat-brim bent inward, you can perform it easily by hand and finally fix it with some hot glue on the transition from top to brim.

DIY Step 21

Now fix one or two hair clips with a little felt and glue either on the rear or on the two sides. I have taken only one hair clip at the back, but probably I will replace it by two clips on the sides. DONE!

Fascinator DIY Tutorial – Final Result: Small Burlesque Hat

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