Fashion DIY: Braided Jewelry – Necklace and Bracelet Homemade

Christina liked the bracelet in my outfit styling contribution “Urlaub von meinen Jeans”. Because I made this jewelry myself, she asked me for a DIY tutorial for this bracelet. I promised her, but because of my acute lack of time, this DIY fashion tutorial follows unfortunately only now.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Cord (the wider the line, the more voluminous gets the jewelry)
  2. Different colored braided twines
  3. Adhesive tape (to fix)
  4. Chain lock (alternatively, a wooden bead)
  5. Scissors

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

The white cord is used as a carrier for the braided twines and should be fixed at the beginning of the clasp for jewelry. If you don’t want to use a clasp, you can instead pull the cord through a large wooden bead (see the last large photo in the instructions).

DIY Step 2

Knot the braided twines several times with the carrier cord.

DIY Step 3

Before you start with the braiding, fix the clasp with some tape on a hard surface (table).


TIP: To prevent the twins to knot themselves, wrap the individual twins to small balls as shown in the picture.

DIY Step 4

Now you start the braiding. Therefore you take the first twin and make a simple knot over the other lines, including the carrier cord.

DIY Step 5

How far your braid with a single color depends on your taste. I liked to get a lot of “color changes”. For such a change, you just lay the twin to the others and continue knotting with the next twin.

DIY Step 6

When you reach the desired length, knot all twins and the cord several times with each other. I have decided to tinker quite long braided cords, so I can wear them either as a necklace (with more braided jewelry and simple silver necklaces – Boho-like) or as a bracelet.


TIPP: If you twist the braided necklace itself, beautiful patterns will be created on the braided jewelry.

DIY Step 7

Finally, attach the counterpart of the clasp and knot everything several times. Cut off the remains. DONE!

Here is the version with a wooden bead as a closure.

DIY Tutorial – the Final Result “Braided Jewelry”

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