Fashion DIY Tutorial: An Old Sweater Becomes A Skirt

What can happen when washing clothes with his thoughts somewhere else, is to see in the small picture. How to make the most of it, shows the lower photo. So before you discard your old sweaters, first have a look at this DIY tutorial. Had I known that I get out such a nice skirt, I would have washed my sweater much earlier at 60 °. Well, now you know all how I wash my laundry 


Due to the great pattern, I did not have the heart to throw it away and came up with the idea with the skirt. As a little extra, I have tinkered two small woolen tassels, which are in my opinion, “the icing on the cake”.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. A sweater
  2. Fabric glue
  3. Wool
  4. Scissors
  5. Pins
  6. Elastic band
  7. Sewing kit
  8. Safety pin (I forgot to photograph it : oops: )

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

First, you cut the sweater just under the sleeves. Because we work with glue in the next step, the work surface should be protected with a plastic bag or similar against possible glue bumbles.

DIY Step 2

Turn the sweater inside out and apply the glue directly on the fabric seam. The textile or fabric glue prevents the wool from fraying and saves the sewing. Please ensure to use glue of good quality, it should stick permanently, become transparent, and stay elastic. Before passing to the next step, let dry the glue dry briefly.

DIY Step 3

After the glue has dried off a bit, let us get closer to the tube for the elastic band. Before you stick the glued seams together, measure the width of the elastic band. Until about 2 cm wide for the entrance of the elastic band, you can now glue the seam around, press down, and fasten with safety pins. Because the glue is now required at least an hour to dry, we use the time to tinker the tassels.

The Tassels (2x) and the Braided Cord:

DIY Step 4

For the small tassels, we rotate the wool about 80 times on forefinger and middle finger and leave about 15 cm long ends.

DIY Step 5

Draw the two ends of the wool for two times between the fingers and knot them together. Now pull away from the tassel from the fingers.

DIY Intermediate Result

The intermediate result should look like this.

DIY Step 6

Now cut in the ball of yarn around, resulting in nice round tassels. Trim possible long stubborn wool yarns with the scissors.

DIY Step 7

With six equally long yarns of wool braid an about 40 cm long pigtail.

DIY Step 8

Now attach the tassels on both ends of the braid. Thus, our two tassels with the woolen cord are finished and we can once again focus on the skirt.

DIY Step 9

Cut the elastic band to the desired length and pull it through the tube by using the safety pin.

DIY Step 10

Stitch together the rubber and glue together the gap with the fabric glue. Should still be somewhere open wool, these should be permanently sealed with glue, because the wool skirt else can tear.

DIY Step 11

Finally fix the tassels in the center of the skirt. DONE!

DIY Tutorial – the Final Result “Old Sweater Becomes a Skirt”

Thus, the new skirt looks from behind.

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