Fashion DIY Tutorial: Cape

Inspired by the beautiful, but also simple cut of my thin top from Holland, I tailored a thicker coating cape for the cold days. This DIY project requires less than hour work. The serging of the edges can be done without a sewing machine as well.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Medium Strength Fabric (with a nice drape, width: 90cm Length: 140cm)
  2. Chalk (or Marker)
  3. Scissors (maybe pinking shears)
  4. Fixing Pins
  5. Tape Measure (or ruler)
  6. Sewing kit (and possibly Sewing Machine)

The pattern for the DIY Cape

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Fold the fabric half the length, turn it to the left and mark the desired extent. For me I took a Cape-side 90 cm wide and 70 cm long (total length, because folded: 140 cm).

DIY Step 2

Cut with the addition of one centimeter at the two edges and at the hem to the desired extent.

DIY Step 3

Now we prepare the neckline before cutting. Therefore mark the center of the fabric.

DIY Step 4

My neck decolletage is 28 cm. Mark at 14 cm left and right of the center.

DIY Step 5

Mark the V-neck with oblique lines left and right downwards.

DIY Step 6

Mark the neckline with fixing pins.

DIY Step 7

With a seam allowance of 1 cm, cut the neckline.

DIY Step 8

Cut in a little bit on the top of both edges and at the end of the neckline.

DIY Step 9

Now fix the seam with pins.

DIY Step 10

Now mark the belt holes. First, mark a distance of 12cm each side from the anterior midline.

DIY Step 11

Measure 35cm from the left and right top to bottom put a mark and also mark it with a fixing pin.

Tip: Before you cut out the holes for a belt, check the fitting height with a belt in front of the mirror. The length of the “belt-clips“ I have chosen 7 cm in relatively large to even be able to use some wide belt.

DIY Step 12

Now, the edges of the cape and the section will be seamed.

DIY Step 13

Rotate the fabric to the right now and in the height of the pin draw a mark of 2-3 cm in width and 7 cm in length for the belt.

DIY Step 14

Around the belt-holes sew beautiful stitching along with the seam marks.

DIY Step 15

With the scissors (better with maybe pinking shears) cut in the belt hole and, if necessary, seam it as well. DONE!!!

Fashion DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Cape”

Cape: DIY • Belt: Takko • Pullover: Forever18 • Shirt: from Belgium • Jeans: from Italy • Bootees: H&M

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