Fashion DIY Tutorial: Last-Minute Gift Idea – Earrings, Epaulettes and a Necklet

Today there is not only just a tutorial but an entire DIY gift set. The reason: Meena has contacted me because this year she wants to present her best friend with something individual. As a student, however, she does not have much money available, it should definitely be a cheap Christmas gift.

Although all my previous “Advent DIY tutorials” do not need much money, this five-part set, in any case, will keep the costs still under Meena’s benchmark of € 15.-, what means a real bargain for a gift set. The only downside to today’s tutorial: You must be fast because you need this one particular decorative garland.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Decorative garland made of felt (Kik, D: € 1,99, A: € 2,19)
  2. 2 x ear hooks 
  3. 2 x brooch pins  (or two small safety pins)
  4. Jewelry chains (about 4 m)
    – At New Yorker or H & M, long necklaces are currently available on the reduced price of € 0,50. These two shops should be always the first place to look for cheap “craft” chains.
  5. Sewing kit
  6. Some handicraft felt, thin (1 mm) 
  7. Scissors
  8. Pliers 
  9. Craft glue (or glue gun)

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Separate the decorative felt elements from the garland.

DIY Step 2

As the bottom of the decoration elements is provided with thick glue lumps (see picture 1), I covered them with a thin felt. Put the felt under the decorative elements and cut their shape with small, sharp scissors.

DIY Step 3

Next, apply glue to the felt decorations and glue the thin felt to them.

DIY Step 4

Sew the ear hook on the earring.

DIY Step 5

Sew the jewelry to the earring (see picture).

DIY Step 6

Now fix the chains to “the epaulets”. I only have sewn on the first chain to the epaulet, the others I attached by opening some chain links and attaching them to the first chain.

DIY Step 7

Spread some glue (preferably hot glue) on the bottom, place a safety pin or brooch pin in the middle of it and cover the glued part with a piece of thin felt.

DIY Step 8

Attach the felt-pendant with a locking ring to the chain. DONE!

Fashion DIY Tutorial – Result “Last-Minute Gift Idea”

Here you see the entire set, it’s up to you how to wear it. The “metal decorations” on the epaulets can be bent easily and so it’s quite easy to bring them in the right shape on the shoulders. Of course, you can as well wear them individually or take them as a brooch on dresses, tops, jackets or jeans.

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