Fashion DIY Tutorial: Navy Shirt

For this fashion DIY tutorial, I was inspired by the Navy look in the summer collection of D & G, however, I have added some life belts to my “little boat”.

Better safe than sorry 

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  • A striped T-shirt (eg Takko EUR 6.00)
  • Ship drawing template (my drawing, you can download here)
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Little red fabric
  • Gold cord (chain or wool are fitting as well)
  • Sewing thread in red and blue
  • 3 white buttons
  • PinsSewing kit, even better: sewing machine

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Print the drawing, cut out the shapes, and transfer the form with a marker to the backside of the red fabric.

DIY Step 2

Now cut the fabric 0.8 cm larger (seam) with the scissors.

DIY Step 3

To get beautiful edges on your boat, serge the seam by hand. Important: Do not make any knots, so you easily can pull out he temporary stitching later.

TIP: If you iron the seam inside before serging, the edges will get even more beautiful and the serging work is done easier.

DIY Step 4

Now look for the appropriate position of the boat on your T-shirt and stuck the shapes with pins on the shirt.

DIY Step 5

Now sew the boat with the sewing machine on the shirt.

DIY Step 6

Remove the temporary stitches.

Interim Result

An intermediate look on the Navy-shirt now. As I think, the result should be more authentic, it needs a little bit more pimping.

So the whole thing looks a lot better.

DIY Step 7

Makeshift the golden cord on the boat, cut the cord, and fix the two endpoints and the center point by hand sewing.

DIY Step 8

With a blue, double-threaded yarn you can sew the “rescue ring buttons” on the three former fixed points of the cord. Look at the photo on the way of sewing.

DIY Step 9

For the final touch I “embroidered” an anchor manually in the sail. DONE!

TIP: If your stitching does not become completely clean, you can sew a few pearls or sequins around the boat. It looks even better and hides small mistakes.

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Navy Shirt”

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