Fashion DIY Tutorial: Spice Up a Dress With Chains

Behind the last door of my Fashion DIY Advent calendar hide very easy instructions, which solved my New Year’s Eve outfit dilemma. The dress that I want to put on, looks somehow to be boring (apart from the deep V-neckline) and has to spice up. The dress has a broad waistband, which gives a nice opportunity to emphasize the center. And because I still had left chains, the shoulder has been “gilded” as well

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Dress
  2. Pins (not necessary)
  3. Silk or Nylon thread and needle
  4. Plier
  5. Thin chain (available at craft stores)
  6. Wide chain (from the hardware store)

As the chains from the hardware store are too heavy for the delicate fabrics, I recommend chains from the craft store. These are made mostly of lightweight aluminum or plastic, and therefore suitable to spice up lightweight clothing.
Should you not find a matching color range, you can paint the chains with decorative color spray.

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Check the dress in the mirror and measure the required chain length. Then open the fitting part of the chain with the pliers. I have taken 2 broad chains outside and 3 fine chains between them.

DIY Step 2

Now sew the chains on the dress. Among the big chains, I have seen the first and last links of the chain on three sides, the other thin chains need only to be sewn on the upside. On the shoulders, I have sewn the chains on the sides and in the middle. DONE!

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Dress With Chains”

Incidentally, I have omitted necklaces, as these would compete with the chains on the dress. The bracelets are OK, but I felt them weighing about 5 kilograms, therefore they will not necessarily appropriate for a long night of partying. On the other hand, I could use them quite well as a weapon against troublesome New Year’s congratulators  .

Pimped Dress: the label cutaway (could be from Asos) • Bracelets: from Italy • Shoes: Michael Antonio

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