Fashion DIY Tutorial: Spice Up Shoes With Hair Decoration

Checking my old DIY blog I found this DIY fashion tutorial, which has not been introduced here on my fashion blog. As all of my DIY instructions moved to the DIY category in the Fashion blog, this review of original shoe decoration may not be missed.

These shoes I’ve bought quite cheaply and prefer to pair them with skinny jeans. Unfortunately, many women found the shoe very pretty, and because no woman likes to wear doubles, I have changed my shoes very rapidly to unique parts

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  • Shoes (which you want to spice up)
  • Superglue (or glue gun)
  • Marker
  • Two identical hairpins (or similar)

Duration Time:
10 min.

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

Step 1:

First, you should put on your shoes and try to find the best location for the shoe decoration, which will be glued on later. If you found the best position, mark it on booth shoes.

Step 2:

Separate the decorations from the hair clips and glue it to the marked positions. Now your “new old” shoes are finished 


Instead of the hair clips, you also can take small flowers or satin ribbons.

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