Her Apartment is a Real Life Disney Castle

The unicorn hype train continues its wild ride all across the globe, and Amina Mucciolo couldn’t resist jumping onboard. She turned her own apartment into a haven for fairytale beasts and fantasy creatures. It’s so bright and full of light and color you just can’t help but feel that any moment now, a fairy could swoop past you from behind the corner, or an elf might jump right off of the shelf.

Amina is 34, but that doesn’t mean she’s too embarrassed to get in touch with her inner kid every once in a while. Her instagram account has gained quite a sizeable following, with hundreds of thousands of subscribers. People just can’t get enough of her incredible apartment!

The apartment is about 645 square ft., but all the light and bright colors make it feel even bigger than that, which is why Amina rather appropriately calls it Cloudland. What more there is to say? This place really is a real life fairytale. Maybe it is where unicorns come from, and Amina just doesn’t feel like showing it to us yet.

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