How To Make This Deceptively Easy Illuminated Mural

This gorgeous piece of art décor is easier to recreate than you’d think. All you need is a frame and some material. Just nail together a few pieces of wood and pull some cloth material taught over it. The lighting can be done a number of ways, probably the simplest of which being a strand of last year’s Christmas lights. And the crown jewel is actually no more difficult at all! You simply cut out whatever images you want, be it butterflies, birds or flowers, leaving these delightful shapes. To keep things more professional looking and avoid mistakes, you can use stencils, or print outs of whatever you come up with. Not too difficult, right? Sure its not.

Here’s an up-close without the backlight.

Smaller murals sometimes look even more elegant.

Your lights dictate the color of your mural on the whole.

How enchanting! Its time to do one of my own!

Here comes a lesson on how to do something like these:

What you’ll need: lights, a marker, cardboard and some stencils.

Draw the desired design on the cardboard.

Carefully cut the shapes out with a stationary knife.

This will take a little time.

Attach the lights to the prepared frame.

Cover the lights with another layer of cardboard using Velcro.

Paint the edges gold.

Cover the corners with bits of cardboard or styrofoam, then lay on the cardboard mural and voila!


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