How to Open and Reuse a Stonemill Pepper Mill: A Simple and Eco-Friendly Hack (and Other Brands Too)

You can refill a disposable pepper mill with spices! All you need is about 10 minutes of free time and an empty Stonemill container. Once you learn this trick, you can fill the empty containers with your own spice blends. You can customize the spice kits to your liking. Different kinds of pepper, coriander, aromatic herbs – all at your fingertips in a convenient form.

how to open a pepper mill

Don’t rush to throw away the empty jar. It may seem impossible to open it at first glance.

how to open a Stonemill pepper mill

A simple way to solve this problem is to use boiling water. Dip the jar, or more specifically the part where the grinder is located, into hot water for 5-6 seconds. The grinder attachment will come off easily when it’s warm.

how to open a pepper grinder mill

All that’s left is to wipe the jar dry, fill it with pepper or other spices, and close it by pressing down hard on the lid.

how to disassemble a pepper mill

You can use your peppermill again! And you can refill it many times.

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