Hundred dollar study

Welcome to my study!

This little room is a combo library/office. Yes, we have a million books! The bookshelves had to stay, but as soon as I straightened up and cleaned the rest of the room out, I had a nice little space for my desk. I’m really excited to finally have a bright, clean workspace… especially after what it looked like before.

This is what the study looked like at its lowest low. A disaster straight out of an episode of Hoarders. (I can’t believe I am showing anyone this room, let alone posting it online!) Almost the entire space where my office is now was taken up by my husband’s gargantuan LoveSac: his last bachelor pad holdout. He finally agreed to part with it, as we never used it and it took up like half our house.

Here’s a picture of the After again, so you don’t cry and give up on life:

I spent like 6 hours making the drapery panels on Saturday, so they are now my pride and joy. I don’t trust my sewing skills, so I used Stitch Witchery and spent the better part of my Saturday ironing. The fabric is Robert Allen’s Basquiat in the Patina colorway. I am obsessed with it.

I had this little stack of books sitting on my desk–I love the colors, and they happen to look good with the curtains. I moved the acrylic ball lamp from my bedroom and put it on the book stack for a little added height.

My dad bought the Kokeshi doll for me in Japan. I don’t have a ton of knick-knacks around my house, but she is one of my favorites. I have used this same tin to hold my pens for at least a decade. The tea cup and saucers are a recent thrift store find. They serve no purpose, as I don’t drink tea, but they’re so pretty!

The desk was a $30 Craigslist buy. It’s actually a vanity–the center panel flips up to reveal a mirror and storage space. I’m thinking of repainting it, but haven’t decided what color. The chair was a Goodwill score– $5! I loved the lines of the back and legs. I spray painted it champagne gold and reupholstered the seat in foam, batting, and a piece of leftover drop cloth. It was meant to be the under layer, but I liked it so I left it.

The pin board was a total last minute decision. I found this IKEA fabric in my stash, and I planned to cover the chair cushion in it. But it turned out to be the exact size I needed to wrap my cork board, so I went for it on a whim. I’ll probably switch it out for a black and white stripe.

Overall, I am really happy with how my office looks, especially considering the only things I bought specifically for this room are the materials for the drapery panels and the chair. I am already planning so many changes and improvements… but for about $100, it’s not bad!

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