Inexpensive Gabion Wall Ideas

You’re probably more familiar with this method as used along highways or railways, as a simple, solid barrier or wall. Those rock structures you see held together by simple metal cages are Gabions. Few would ever imagine these crude constructions as designer option for their own home and yard, but thank God for those few outside-the-box thinkers who literally brought the idea home!

Home and renovation materials can be very pricey. Sometimes ridiculously so. That’s why this type of solution is so valuable! Allow yourself to stray off the beaten path, lines with factory made store bought materials that will cost you an arm and a leg, and get back to the basics. Here are a few options using this painfully simplistic, “why didn’t I think of this sooner” method.

1. Here’s a quick, easy to assemble option

2. Your basic gabion outer wall

3. An eye-pleasing combination of metal, wood, and natural rough cut stones

4. Gabions filled with different rock types

5. A modern style Gabion walled home

6. Multi-colored stones

7. Here’s a little life thrown into the mix

8. Wire net

9. Multifunctional options are great too

10. As well as different types shapes and forms

11. Some neat, low gabion walling

12. Some fencing with rock and mineral elements

13. Gabion designer creativity

14. Gabion base for a wooden fence

15. Box-like gabions

16. A tidy combination of several materials

17. Reinforced rock structure

18. Elite outdoor gabions

19. Some rock variety to shake things up

20. Some more home walling that simply looks great

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