Jewelry DIY: Craft Bracelets From PET Plastic Bottles – Beautiful Recycling 3.0

Three and a half years after my jewelry tutorial “Beautiful Recycling – Bracelets From Plastic Bottles” today follows another bracelet tutorial where again I took plastic bottles – virtually a 3.0 version of the old jewelry DIY project.

This time I made bracelets from small PET bottles because the bracelet made in this tutorial will get open ends. Ideal for this DIY project is the small 0.5-liter plastic bottles, which should wrap relatively tight around your wrist. Therefore I used PET bottles of iced tea in this tutorial because of their small middle section providing the ideal tension for the open bangle. The piece of jewelry I have covered with artificial leather, but the DIY idea can be implemented equally with any other fabric.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. 0.5 liter PET bottles (I have taken iced tea bottles).
  2. Artificial leather or any other fabric material
  3. Rhinestones, studs, sequins, buttons, or similar for decorating.
  4. Jewelry glue, craft glue
  5. Pins
  6. Cutter
  7. Scissors
  8. Sewing machine

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1 Sewing the shell for the bangle

Cut the fabric (in my case artificial leather) for the bangle. Then place the outer sides on each other and sew them together on three sides (see picture) to get a shell.

DIY Step 2 Cut Plastic Bottle

Cut the small central part of the plastic bottle to the desired size of the bracelet. I cut the plastic bottle first with the cutter and then I used the scissors for fine grinding. Be careful when cutting with the sharp craft knife!

DIY Step 3 Pulling The Fabric Cover Over The Bangle

Now turn the fabric cover back to the outside and pull it over the plastic bottle part.

DIY Step 4 Gluing The End Of Bracelet

Last step before decorating: Glue the end of the bangle and the open fabric shell together.

DIY Step 5 Decorate The Bracelet

Finally, you can decorate your DIY Bracelet as you wish. In order to safely and permanently glue the rhinestones, you should take the special jewelry glue. Now the bangle from a plastic bottle is finished. DONE!!!

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Craft Bracelets From PET Plastic Bottles”

Which bangle do you like best?

My DIY bracelets from plastic bottles at a glance: twice decorated in black with rhinestones and sequins, pimped in pink with colorful rhinestones and a smaller version in royal blue decorated with studs.

Pink DIY bangle decorated with colorful rhinestones
Bracelet in pink worn on the arm
Black DIY bangle with large sequins
DIY bangle in royal blue decorated with studs
Black DIY bangle with rhinestones

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