Jewelry DIY Tutorial: Alphabet Necklace from Polymer Clay (Fimo)

“Moni Ka” wanted me to publish this tutorial because she was madly in love with one of the “Alphabet Necklaces” from the current D & G Fall / Winter collection. I also liked the necklaces at once, but I did not know how I could implement this idea. Until I happened to discover letter cookie cutters in a shop, which gave me the idea to realize the pendants with “Fimo”(polymer clay).

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Large-link chain (available at hardware stores)
  2. Letter cookie cutters
  3. Potter’s needle or another sharp object (such as a toothpick)
  4. Polymer clay (Fimo) in different colors, roller tool
  5. Fine sandpaper or a sanding sponge
  6. Some connecting rings
  7. Pliers
  8. Thin cord

Jewelry DIY Tutorial: Step-by-Step Instructions

DIY Step 1

Roll out the polymer clay to 5mm thickness and cut out the letters.

DIY Step 2

To hang the letters, drill a small hole in each letter. At one letter (for stability at best, take a Z, B, D, or E) you need two holes (see photo). Bake the polymer clay letters by following the instructions (30 minutes at 110 degrees).

DIY Step 3

Smooth the sharp edges of the finished baked and cooled letters with the sandpaper.

DIY Step 4

Pull the connecting rings through the holes. On the double-punched letters, of course, two rings have to be attached.

DIY Step 5

Now separate the chain at the desired location (here I did it on the right side) and attach the “supporting” letter between two chain links.

DIY Step 6

Hang also all other letters on the chain.

Tip: try best either on a dress form or else directly in front of the mirror, to find out the best placements for the letters. I have reordered the pendants for several times until I was satisfied with the installation.

DIY Step 7

Finally, pull the thread loosely through the chain links and tie the ends well. DONE!

Jewelry DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Alphabet Necklace”

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