Jewelry DIY Tutorial: Beautiful Recycling – Bracelets From Plastic Bottles

Bearing in mind that we should take a day at least 3 liters of fluid to us, a single human requires whole 730 1.5 liter bottles of water per year. The plastic bottles end up in the waste container and get melted under an enormous environmental impact, only to get very poor quality plastic. But with a little imagination, you could tinker around 3,650 bracelets (5 pieces per bottle!) from this garbage. That would be so many bracelets that you could wear the next 10 years every day a new one! It would also save a lot of money and relieve the environment significantly. A nice idea, I think.

Under the slogan “Even with small steps we can progress” I will show you how to turn a plastic bottle to pretty bracelets. From plastic bottles (PET), some fabric and a little imagination you can tinker very pretty bracelets, which are also wonderful as a last-minute own-Christmas present.

I made four different bracelets that you can use as inspiration. Elastic fabrics are the easiest to handle, as these are much more flexible. Solid fabrics should be at least twice as wide as the bracelet and be glued centered from the outside to the inside.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Plastic bottle (PET bottle)
  2. Fabric (and, if desired sequins, buttons, ribbons …)
  3. Wide duct tape or adhesive masking tape
  4. Scissors
  5. Cutter (wallpaper knife)
  6. Hot glue gun

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Wrap the duct tape around the plastic bottle. In this way, you can easily cut and immediately fix the width of the bracelet.

DIY Step 2

Carefully cut with the cutter into the bottle along the tape. Use a solid surface (such as a cutting board from the kitchen), so the work surface is not damaged.

Interim Result of the DIY Tutorial

Here is the cut-off plastic part. As you can see, as a bracelet it is still too wide.

DIY Step 3

Therefore, cut the plastic bracelet with scissors. Now you can determine the desired size directly on your hand and then fix the ends with the duct tape.

DIY Step 4

Now wrap the whole bracelet with the duct tape at least twice (from inside outwards). This step is very important because it will be wrapped over the sharp edges of the plastic and does not melt later under the hot glue.

DIY Step 5

When you work with an elastic fabric, pull it gently in length before gluing, so that the edges curl, and thus disappear to the inside.

DIY Step 6

Attach some glue on one side only and, with the tip of the glue gun do not press too much to the bracelet.

DIY Step 7

Glue the double-folded fabric diagonally and still wrap the band diagonally as well around the bracelet. Only at the ends, some more gluing is required.

DIY Step 8

Arriving at the end, you still should have enough material left to let the fabric band ending at the inside of the bracelet. Smear some glue on the last few centimeters and fix it to the inside. DONE!

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Bracelets from Plastic Bottles”

Now you can add some spicing up to your finished bracelet as you like. Your imagination knows no boundaries. Here are some of my examples:

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