Jewelry DIY Tutorial: Earrings with Tassels Selfmade

After another DIY project, I had a piece of my black fringe curtain left, and, as I am a world champion in recycling, I tinkered these tassel earrings from them.

As I have already made 2 other pairs of earrings, I tried this time to make a bit longer version with pearls. I like them very well, I hope you, too. The guide is very easy in any case and the earrings are completed within a few minutes.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Fringed braid (you get at EUR 10, for example, a fringed curtain, from which you can also make some other of my DIY projects)
  2. 2 chain-link rings (you can take from one of your chains)
  3. Scissors
  4. Caliper
  5. 2 Ear hooks
  6. Roncalli beads in the color of your choice
  7. Thin needle and transparent sewing thread (silk yarn)
  8. Some larger beads, which you can fix on the fringes
  9. Pencil

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Determine best in front of the mirror the amount and length of the fringes and cut.

DIY Step 2

Put the fringes on a pencil and draw out a thread to tangle.

DIY Step 3

With the single thread just make a loop under the pencil, leaving one end of this thread shortly (see photo).

DIY Step 4

Tighten the loop and wrap the long string several times around the fringes. When you’re done, you node the two threads together twice and cut away the leftovers. Thus, the thread would not fray, seal the two ends with a lighter.

DIY Step 5

Take away the tassel from the pencil and attach the connecting ring in the middle and press down firmly with the caliper.

DIY Step 6

Fasten the ear hook on the connecting ring with the caliper. Now the earring with tassels is finished. You can then either leave it or spice it up with some beads. If you do not have large beads at hand, you can skip the next step and continue with Roncalli beads. If you choose only to Roncalli beads, you better choose strong colors, so they stand out even more.

DIY Step 7

Draw some of the large beads over single fringes at different heights and fix them with a knot.

DIY Step 8

Draw the transparent yarn through the end of the tassel knot, thread a series of beads on it and again draw it through the knot. Start with the next beads series, and when you arrive at the top, you pull the thread back through the tassels knot. So you do as well with the following series.

DIY Step 9

Finally, as in the picture, combine all the bead series and fix them with the knot. DONE!

The finished earrings before they get shortened on equal length with the scissors.

Jewelry DIY “Earrings with Tassels” – Final Result

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