Jewelry DIY Tutorial: Ethnic Wool Necklace

I often have ideas in mind, which are difficult to realize. With this necklace it turned out after the first attempt, the upper chain has to be shorter than the lower one because otherwise, the jewelry will not rest beautifully on the neckline.

Material And Tools – For The Ethnic Wool Necklace You Need

  1. Wool (3 colors)
  2. Large-unit anchor chain (about 70 cm, from the hardware store)
  3. Scissors
  4. Forceps

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Temporarily fold the chain twice and try it in front of a mirror to get the best fitting size. Thus, the upper part of the chain should be slightly shorter (for me I counted 34 chain links for the lower part and 28 for the top chain). You should count the chain links as well and mark the middle and endpoints, as it is important for the braiding of the wool.

DIY Step 2

If you have found the fitting length for your chain, you can open a chain link and tie the two ends together. The pink wool yarn at the end of the chain I have attached only for the purpose of orientation.

DIY Step 3

Cut three strands from each color of the wool (about 85 centimeters long) and tie them together.

DIY Step 4

Tie each color on one chain link like at the picture.

DIY Step 5

Now make a braid by pulling the strings always through the chain links (see picture).

DIY Step 6

As the upper chain is shorter, in the middle of the chain it is necessary to pull two colors through the top chain links. This compensates for the missing links. After the middle, you finish in a normal way.

DIY Step 7

Once again at the end tie every single color.

DIY Step 8

Now make two braids from the rest of the wool strands and attach them to the “wool-Collier”. DONE!

Jewelry DIY Tutorial – Final Result Ethnic Wool Necklace

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