Jewelry DIY Tutorial: Spice Up Boring Earrings With Colorful Yarn

Today I’ll show you a quick DIY tutorial on how to spice up boring earrings in a fast and cheap way. This DIY idea works well with simple creoles, but you will get a better effect with more flashy knotted patterns.

My earrings with multiple rings were an ideal base for this style.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  1. Earrings (creoles)
  2. Colorful yarn
  3. Possibly a needle (for my earrings a long, flexible beading needle turned out best)
  4. Scissors

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1 Cut And Knot The Yarn

Knot the desired yarn together and cut it at approximately 60 inches (1.5 meters) in length. The length of the yarn depends of course on the design of the earrings and the handicraft technique. For simple wrapping of earrings, you need far less yarn than by using a knotting style.

DIY Step 2 Attach The Yarn To The Earring

Place the yarn at the bottom of the earring by forming a loop with one end of the yarn. Pull the other end of the yarn through the loop to attach it to the earring.

DIY Step 3 Wrap Earring With Yarn

Now it’s time to spice up. The easiest way will be to wrap the earring with yarn, but you can always make extra knots, such as in my DIY Tutorial “Braided Jewelry (Necklace and Bracelet)”, or …

DIY Step 4 Braid Yarn On Earring

… with similar earrings like these, you can braid the yarn between the individual rings. For the braiding, I have used a flexible beading needle, which helps to thread the yarn through the thin rings. How to design the earrings is up to your own imagination, but with any method, the earrings look refreshingly different. And should one not like the new design, a cut with the scissors is enough to get the earrings back to their original appearance;).

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Spiced Up Earrings”

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