Leopards and tigers and birds

I read somewhere once that the fastest way to make a new place feel like home is to put stuff on the walls. It’s true! This weekend I went on a hanging-stuff spree and our place is looking so much better.

I had no intention of making this a jungle room, but so far I have tiger print, leopard print, feathers and birds on the walls and pillows. Ha ha!

Before: so bare.

Amazing the difference a couple IKEA frames, free bird prints, and $17 curtain panels can make! Yes, 120″ curtain panels for only $17. They’re so great I’m putting them in my living room, too.

The headboard was looking out of proportion with the height of the nightstands.

So I put these feather things (recycled from my mom’s house, like half my stuff!) on either side and added a couple picture frames to fill the negative space.

It’s nice that one room in our place looks done-ish.

It still needs a more color. And some lamps. Maybe more art.

Like I said, done-ish.

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