Life Hacks for Comfier Clothes

Blisters from cheap shoes, underwear that makes you feel like you’re tied up in metal wires, suffocating dresses — the things that women have to endure for the sake of beauty!

Life Hacks for Comfier Clothes

But the pursuit of beauty doesn’t have to come at the expense of comfort. Here’s a list of things you can do to make any item of clothing that much more pleasant to wear.

  1. A plastic clasp can help you set up your bra straps so that they aren’t seen with certain items of clothing. This can help you save money on strapless bras or bras with see-through straps that are usually made of plastic and aren’t all that easy on the skin of your shoulders.

  1. If you’ve gained some weight over the winter months (don’t worry, we’re not judging you), and buying new jeans isn’t really an option, a simple rubber band is a lifesaver.

  1. Those who love wearing short shorts, know that sometimes this admittedly very comfy item of clothing can act up and give you a wedgie every once in a while. Sewing on some padding will prevent that from happening.

  1. Do you have some chafing because of the underwear you wear? Is it your favorite underwear? Padding comes to the rescue yet again.

  1. Those pesky white spots that develop on your clothing every time you use a deodorant won’t come off? A little bit of vodka or rubbing alcohol is the answer. No, don’t drink rubbing alcohol. And it’s too early for vodka. Pour either of those two on the spot, then toss the item of clothing into a washing machine, or rinse it by hand, either will work.

  1. Scotch tape is handy for getting rid of the creases that show up near the buttons.

  1. Bracelets are all well and good, but putting them on can be a real pain. This is where a simple paperclip can come in handy — straighten it out, then shape it into and “S”, thread the end of the clip into the last link of the bracelet, hold it in place with the fingers of the same hand, and close the buckle with the other. Then remove the clip.

  1. Here’s a really simple way to zip up a dress by yourself.

  1. The lint that develops on clothing is very easy to remove with a razor! Shave the fabric in a single direction only: first from top to bottom, then change direction. Keep the blade steady — you don’t want holes in your pants, right? Unless if it’s done on purpose, that is. For wool products, an old blade is preferable, so that it won’t damage the surface. Keep in mind, however, that cashmere doesn’t gel too well with razors. That is, not at all.

  1. If you’ve got a faulty zipper on your jeans, you can do the following:

The ring can be hidden between two layers of fabric or with a belt.

I would be very happy if these useful tips for women come to the rescue at the right moment!

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