Make Your Own Rug Out of Old T-shirts and Bits of Yarn

Everybody has a bunch of junk laying around the house, and some of us have loads of leftover bits of material and yarn balls.

I like to put all this to good use by making a colorful rug. My grandma taught me this trick for making a rug that is significantly softer and lighter than most, and dries much faster. One major bonus is that absolutely any cloth or yarn at all can be used.

I implemented some old t-shirts and bright colored yarn. Some of the yarn was no more than a couple yards long, but even this came in handy. My initial thought, was that the pale colored t-shirts would look tacky in the rug, but the yarn made up for everything.

First off, cut your t-shirts (it took three of mine to make one rug) or colorful cloth material into strips no wider than 1 inch in diameter. Wrapping them into balls makes things easier.

Make a small ring out of the strip end.

Knit in single crochets, whose number depends on the diameter of the ring, the broader the more needed. A tight ring can’t take too many, but at least ten are necessary so the knitting doesn’t tighten excessively, forming a cone shape, instead of a circle.

Circular knitting, don’t forget to add more every time around. Little tip: in order for the circle to retain its shape, additions to the upper row should crisscross with those of the lower row. You can periodically place your circle on the floor for visualization, which is an easy way to determine where you need more or less.

Remember to work only with the yarn itself! The cloth stays in the middle, as in effect, you knit around it in a circular motion.

When one bit of material comes to an end, simply lay on the next

Or insert one into the other like so

In most cases, there will still be ends protruding

Keep this up until you reach the desired size, or run out of material and yarn. My rug came to roughly 27 by 30 inches.


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