Making Your Own Plushies: Felt Toys

Making Your Own Plushies: Felt Toys

The art of making your own plush toys is a fascinating and fun process that will always leave you with a sense of deep satisfaction. Felt is an amazing material to use should you decide to make your own toy. Felt can be used to make absolutely anything you want: dolls, animals, birds, cars and tons of other stuff. Your own imagination is the limit here.

Felt Owl

Better to go with brighter colors on this one. Polyester batting will make for a great filler. You will also need a set of sewing accessories, including buttons and threads of matching colors. Making an owl like this one will take no more than a single evening, and the toy itself can last virtually forever.

Let’s begin!

  1. Use the patters above to cut the material.
  2. First sew the torso pieces together, followed with the legs.
  3. Stuff the wings with our polyester filling and sew them on.
  4. Time to go about making the eyes. Cut out two circular pieces of felt — one pair should be smaller than the other. Sew them on, one after another. Then make the pupils, the beak, and attach them.
  5. Stuff the torso with polyester and stitch it together.

Here’s some other examples:



Cow and Bull





And a whole bunch of other animals

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