Microwaving Plastic Containers. Three minutes and you’ll see a small miracle

Sure, you’re probably used to throwing them out immediately. Otherwise they can stack up, and its not like there is any real use for them, right? Wrong.  With this trick you will be able to turn your garbage into a charming little masterpiece.

Microwaving Plastic Containers. Three minutes and you'll see a small miracle

What you’ll need:

  • a plastic container
  • scissors
  • a hole punch
  • multicolored permanent markers

Let’s start:

Take a clean container and cut out the bottom (flat part).

You can choose any image at your discretion, as long as its easy to draw.  For instance, everybody loves Winnie the Pooh. Let’s begin with him.  Keep in mind that the image will shrink by roughly 70%, so draw it large enough initially. Put the picture down on the plastic.

Now paint the picture and using a hole punch make a hole over the top of the picture. Cut out along the contour,  creating a little area for the key chain.

Place the plastic cutout on some baking paper and bake for 2-3 minutes at 330 °F. From the heat, the plastic will begin to shrink and bend, but do not worry, in the end it will smooth out again.

After baking, the small plastic figures will not only be smooth, but also thick and strong. Now you can make them into a charming little bracelet.

Sets of such plastic cutouts with drawings are even sold in some children’s stores, since children are simply delighted by the process itself. But why spend money if you have everything you need right in front of you? You can choose any patterns, ideas and colors you want. Now what should have just rotted in the landfill, will have a long life hanging on your bracelet or key chain.  Beautiful and eco-friendly!

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