Multiple Uses of Bread Bag Clips

Multiple Uses of Bread Bag Clips

In my random web searches, I have found some pretty cool ways to creatively recycle lots of things. The standard household bread bag clip is one of the many! If you’re into “upcycling” like me, you might already know a couple of these.

Bread Clip - Tape End

  1. Tape end saver – If you’ve ever had trouble finding the end of a roll of tape, you know exactly where I’m coming from here! Simply affix the clip to the end of the roll and you’ll be set when you need the tape again.

Bread Clip - Rubber Band

  1. Organize your rubber bands – My desk drawer used to be overrun with stray rubber bands until I learned this neat little trick!

Bread Clip - Charger Label

  1. Charger labels – Coupled with paper clamps, you can quickly organize your chargers. Put the clamps on the edge of a desk or night stand, slip in your charger end, place a bread clip around it and write on the clip what the charger goes to so you don’t have to try them all on your phone to get the right one.

Bread Clip - Wire Labels

  1. Wire labels – You know when you have to unplug one thing from a power strip, but you’re not sure which one? You always play the tug-of-war game with the cord to see which one you have, right? Not anymore! Use bread clips to label the wires and you’ll never have to guess again!

Bread Clip - Key Tag

  1. Key tag – A good way to temporarily label a key loaned to you by someone, or one you loan to them so they don’t lose it.

Bread Clip - Earbud Wrap

  1. Earbud keeper – Use a bread clip to wrap and store loose earbuds. If you have multiple sets in the same place, you can always write the person’s name on the clip, too, so they’re easily identifiable.

Bread Clip - Flip-Flop Fix

  1. Flip-flop fix – Got a pair of flip-flops that have broken? Use a bread clip for a temporary fix!

Bread Clip - Toe Tag

I’m sure there are many other uses for these little slivers of plastic. Of course, if you happen to lose a bread tie, you can always replace it with one of your many bread clips!! Don’t throw these away… save them to use on something else!

How many other uses do you know of? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  • I use them for guitar picks, and stubborn pop can tabs that I can’t get my non-existent fingernails under to open.

  • i use them for marking wires so i know what they are. good article.

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