My New Old Kitchen

My kitchen cabinets had started looking bad. Very bad. The cheap material protecting them started peeling and warping, leaving me loathing the sight of them.

I decided to give prolonging their life a shot, using acrylic paint and decoupage. This was my first time working with decoupage, so YouTube quickly became my tutor. The outer layer I took off using an ordinary hair blow dryer.

I applied two layers of acrylic paint, while the decoupage required only some ordinary napkins. My goal was a craquelure.

Here is a close-up of my results.

Here is the look three coats of acrylic varnish rendered.

The time and money spent, from my point of view, were well justified by the results.

My notes to self, on finishing up: 1) I should have primed it before painting, which would have saved a headache or two. 2) A few more layers of varnish would have gone a long way (5-6 instead of just 3).

This method is price friendly, and very creative and unique. You can find similar results in a store, but this option will come in handy for saving, while giving you a chance to think outside the box.


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