Neat Ideas for an Eye-Catching Business Card

Put simply, the business card represents your company. This little piece of cardboard is an incredibly important step in the marketing campaign. The business card uses two components to grab the attention of potential customers and partners: appearance and information. Today we will show you some of the most interesting examples of business cards, in which these two components are utilized perfectly.

1. Photographer

2. Cheese store

3. Clinic

4. Landscape designer

5. Print business

6. Yoga studio

7. Circumcision specialist

8. Finance agency

9. Stylist

10. Pilates studio

11. Divorce attorney

12. Bicycle repair shop

13. Designer

14. Vegetarian diner

15. Proofreader

16. Apple

17. Plane model shop

18. Hairdresser

19. Headhunter

20. Kitchen implements

21. Artist

22. Print office

23. 3d designer

24. Photographer

25. Survival expert

26. Plastic surgeon

27. Yoga instructor

28. Fitness instructor

29. Dentist

30. Stylish transparent cards

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