Never Throw Empty Toilet Paper Rolls Away! This Is Why…

Every time we are reaching for the new paper toilet roll, the empty tube goes to the trash bin. Big mistake! If you are a crafty kind, those rolls can turn into truly amazing and tremendously useful around house DIY projects!

We are happy to present you with a nice collection of 27 inspirational ideas for empty toilet paper rolls.

Wall Decor

Tool For Stamping On Textile

Biodegradable Planters

Stationary Organizers

Pencil Penal

Bird Feeder with Layers Of Peanut Butter And Seeds


Wire Organizers

Yarn Bobbins

Inside Drawer Scarf Organization

Holders For Wrapping Paper

In The Children’s Room

Garage For Small Cars

Craft Wall For Children

Paper Toys

Colorful Easter Decorations

Cars And Airplanes

Something For Pets – Cats Love This Toy!

Table Bowling Game

Small Gift Wrap

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