Original Method for Old T-shirt Embroidery

1. My first move was to search for all the options of what to do with used T-shirts. Most of the options involved rug making or other stuff I had no interest in or need for, so I decided to choose something I needed, then go from there. I carry a lot of papers and documents around, and never like walking around town holding a dorky looking file. So I decided to make a stylish file carrier.





6. Here are my reserves. Nope, I won’t regret this one bit! Cut it up and let’s do some recycling!

7. I had a canvas, but you can use some calico and some dense fabric. Cut the fabric into strips about an inch thick in diameter, then sew in the threads on the outside.

8. Next, add a new color, sewing into your previous work.


10. There you have it, the first flower. Since this was my first time, I spent a lot of effort trying new ways and figuring how to make it just right.

11. I sewed in the middle and continued, gradually filling in the entire space.




15. Four evenings and a lot of patience later, and I finished!


17. The reverse side.

18. I neatly cut it until it came to resemble something useful, either for a pillow, mat, or bag cover, whatever you fancy. It turned out very soft and cozy.

19. Time to frame it.

20. This next part is not at all necessary, but I added some beads here and there just for diversity

21. Tailoring it took less than an hour, while preparing it took four days!

22. I sewed in the lining.

23. I took the rings off of some jewelry and sewed it on.

24. The strap was given a T-shirt hem to make it stronger.


26. The reverse side.


28. And the folder fits perfectly!

29. So there you have it. My folder bag was ready. One conclusion was that this technique good for a wide range of applications. I’m now interested, who knows what else I could make this way! Well, anyway, I hope this comes in handy, and in the meantime, I’ll be trying new things and techniques.

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