Over 100 Items in One Carry-on

Flying can be stressful as it is, without the added drag of lugging a clumsy suitcase around. That is why we bring to your attention this method of packing that will revolutionize the choices you make before going on a trip, and how you go about packing as a whole. Watching this video is a guaranteed aha moment and jackpot experience all in one.

Over 100 Items in One Carry-on

Rachael Grant is up next to show us how she fits over 100 items into her ordinary carry-on.

Sure, it sounds impossible, but that’s what makes her doing it so much more awesome. Everyone has their own approach to packing, and I used to think there is no wrong way to do it. I was wrong, people. As of this moment, put me on the record saying: any method but this one, is the wrong one.

Trip prep bugs me almost as much as whatever hassles I run into during my flight, layover and arrival. That’s what I love most about this video, is that it allows me to dramatically simplify my packing time, while still traveling comfortable and not having to sacrifice any critical stuff. Enjoy.

Your thoughts? Would you do anything different than Rachael did? How many items do you think you could have got into a carry-on before seeing this video? Share your thought, ideas, questions in the comments, we’ll be delighted to hear from you.

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