Plaster and Water Can Work Wonders

Plaster and Water Can Work Wonders

In recent years, plaster decor has been picking up speed as a favorite home decor option. Plaster is ideal for handmade, since it is very easy to work with. Plaster is also environmentally friendly and absolutely harmless. It doesn’t have the slightest percentage of toxicity, so even your child can work with it. Working with plaster is almost painfully simple! Just immerse your artificial flowers in the plaster solution, then let them dry.  But keep in mind that plaster hardens very quickly and you will have only a few minutes.

Delightful plaster flower ideas

1. The less plaster you use, the more beautiful the decor will look.

2. Plaster flowers are elegant and beautiful.  Also, such flowers can be painted in any color, using fabric paint.

3. These are incredibly impressive!

4. Use you plaster and water to create a solution with a sour cream consistency.  Prepare the mixture immediately in a small bowl, where it will be convenient to dip the flowers.

5. You can use leaves as an alternate option to flowers.

6. Incredible, right!

7. They’re just gorgeous!

8. If you do not like the look of the flower, you can decorate it with paints and varnish after the plaster dries.

9. Chic decor and picture frames!

10. Autumn composition of leaves.

11. Plaster is nothing short of magical. No matter what you make out of it is by default flawless.

Additional master-class on how to make a candle holder using plaster

What you will need:

  • plaster
  • artificial flowers
  • clippers
  • a glue gun
  • tea candles with metal holders

Let’s get going:

1. Wipe the artificial flowers with a damp cloth — they should be clean.

2. Remove the flower from the stem and remove the small petals in the center.

3. Mix water and plaster in a ratio of 1:3, stirring constantly. Completely immerse the flower in the plaster, quickly covering all the petals. Repeat if necessary.

4. When the candlestick is completely dry, light the candle and admire your creation.

Despite the simplicity of creating unusual plaster flowers with your own hands, the result will exceed all your expectations! You can use a variety of things to cover the plaster, giving them a new style and fresh look.

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