Plastic Containers in Interior Design

Plastic Containers in Interior Design

Plastic containers present a universal option for makeshift furniture and decorating your home on your own. The little crates are perfect for drawers, shelves, side tables and much more.

Plastic is a relatively strong material, making it viable as a stool or small table that will add some variety to your living room.

Chairs or food stands for your restaurant are no trouble at all.

Find your own creative application.

Sewing a small cushion to your overturned crate can come out very nicely.

Organizing loose things around the house is easier this way.

How about a new bookshelf?

Milk doesn’t have to be the only thing you keep in crates. Elite alcohol? Why not.

For all the plant lover out there.

Depending on how many you have, you can get carried away.

And finally, a cute and functional bike basket.

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