Refurbished Furniture That Looks Better Than New

I love making things. That’s why I quickly fell in love with the idea of making some furniture from scratch! Alas, this infatuation of mine was not meant to be, since it blew over the moment I found out how difficult the process really is. How difficult? Too difficult. For me, at least. The long and short of it is, I moved on to refurbishing furniture. And wouldn’t you know it, my passion for creating things was immediately rekindled at what I encountered, possibly even more than if I had been making things from scratch.

The thought of taking worn out, ordinary stuff that is already laying around the house or garage, and transforming it into something fabulous really gets me excited. If it does you too, then hop aboard and join in discovering the ins and outs of refurbishing!

This option gives you both a place to sit, and to store shoes in one. Anything that saves space is a win in my book!

Old chairs are some of the most common furniture throw away items, and its too bad! Look at what can be done with a bit of imagination and effort!


Tables are possibly next on the list, as just about everybody has one laying around. Don’t toss it yet! Take a look at these beauties.

I had a small round table like this one here that I gave away a couple years back, which I obviously regret, after seeing these pictures.


Dressers and drawers are my kryptonite. I can’t help myself, they’re just too cute.


And here are a few closet options to think about:



I’ll finish with a few ideas for parents with several kids, especially girls. These play kitchens are ridiculously expensive, which makes these options all the more valuable.

There you have it! Think twice before you throw something out, it might just be an opportunity to get creative and save some money in the process. Stay inspired.

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