Reinvent Your Old Clothes

Don’t be too quick to throw out your old stretched out T-shirts and faded jeans.  Reinvent your old clothes. These hold a world of potential, as they can still be painted, restyled, touched up or simply transformed.

Reinvent Your Old Clothes

A chic clutch bag

A useless leather jacket can find its purpose as a cute and stylish clutch bag. You just need a nice piece of leather, a strong zipper, pins, thread and scissors.

Cut out a piece of the right sized leather, not forgetting an extra 1-2 cm for the seam, and pin the zipper to one side.

Using a sewing machine, sew the zipper to the leather, then take out the pins.

Repeat with the second side.

Turn the leather inside out and mark the seams.

Gently stitch the sides next to the zipper.

Cut the corners and turn the clutch right side out.

Blouse with lace inserts

Lace is trending again, so this year saw  many fashionistas sewing lace inserts onto their ordinary office blouses.

What you will need: a shirt, some lace, a few pins, thread and scissors.

In the back area, make an incision to the shoulder blades and hem the edges.

Lay out your sleeves in a triangular shape and cut out the necessary piece of lace, leaving 2 cm on both sides for the seam.

Attach the cut piece of lace for the blouse and stitch by hand or with a sewing machine.

Hem the bottom edge of the lace.

There you have it! A stylish dress shirt with a cute lace insert.

Cosmos print T-shirts

These fashionable print T-shirts have already made their way into the wardrobes of many fashionistas. Yes, you can go out and purchase one of these T-shirts, but isn’t doing it yourself so much better?

What you’ll need:

  • a black t-shirt
  • bleach
  • an empty spray bottle
  • paints compatible with purple, blue, red, white and yellow fabrics
  • sponges
  • a pencil
  • an old toothbrush

To keep your floor and surroundings clean, lay out a tarp or some other paper material. Mix equal amounts of water and bleach together and pour into a spray bottle. Apply the mixture on your t-shirt and let sit for an hour.

After an hour, rinse the t-shirt in cool water and wait until it dries.

With a sponge, apply a few purple spots.

Now apply the blue paint, as indicated in the photo.

Between the blue and purple spots, add a little red paint. On bleached spots apply white paint to focus on them.

The toothbrush should be soaked in white paint, then sprinkle a little on the t-shirt. To make stars, moisten the tip of a pencil and draw stars of different sizes.

Let the t-shirt dry, wash and enjoy!

Stylish cardigan

Adding a touch of charm to your cardigan is a cinch.  Just follow the instructions on the photo.

Jeans with hearts

What you’ll need:

  • jeans
  • fabric paint
  • a sponge or brush
  • heart stensils
  • a piece of cardboard

Its so much easier than you think: position the stencil on the jeans, lightly paint over it, and you’re good to go!

Leave the jeans for an hour to dry the paint.


We have a ton more ideas for breathing new life into your old wardrobe.



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