Remove the Tape, Transform the Room

Young artist Elsa Rhae has already become Internet famous for her makeup tutorials. But what she has shown her fans now is not a “smoky eye effect”, but a real work of art. With the help of this simple technique any of us can make the interior of our house unique.

First, she draws a pattern on a piece of paper. To repeat it, you don’t need to be a professional. Draw a pattern of lines in a square.

Okay, great! Now we draw a mirrored reflection of the same pattern on each side.

If you like the results, it’s time to put the pattern on the wall. But this time we’re not doing pencil sketches, but arranging the patterns with scotch tape.

When the pattern is ready, grab a spoon. Yeah, just a regular old spoon, and smooth out the tape on the wall so there’s no air bubbles under it.

In her video, Elsa paints the wall gray and black, but the choice is yours. You can paint it however you like.

You’ll have to wait about 24 hours for the paint to dry properly. Finally, it’s time to tear the tape off the wall.

The pattern looks amazing! Now this room is truly your own.

Interested? This video shows the whole process from start to finish:

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