Sandbagging, the Why and the How

Why sandbagging? The sandbag method involves the use of a small bag during application, which makes it much more durable and water resistant. The name is more than fitting, since sandbags are often used to keep water and the elements at bay. Many opt for sandbagging in the summer, since it keeps water or heat from leaving mascara lines. Being able to keep your look and stick with your favorite makeover no matter what the weather really is a game changer.

This method was invented by a true superstar of makeup artists, Mario Dedivanovich. He shared the secret back in summer 2015, but the technique hasn’t lost traction and is still gaining speed. If there’s somebody you’d be willing to entrust your makeover to, it would probably be him. I mean, Kim Kardashian did, and look what that’s done fore her.

Sandbagging is the best way to avoid mascara lines, and unwanted glossiness. Its key is a transparent powder lightly spread on that last much longer than other alternatives. It can be applied under the eyes, to the cheeks or on the lips, depending on your style and what you want to accent. This special power is applied using this specific method so that it sinks into the skin and last longer. Here are three initial sandbagging steps to get you going.

1. Start with your usual makeover

Before you begin with this technique, go through your basics. Make sure you have your foundation, concealer, rough, eyeliner, and whatever else you see as a necessity for your daily routine. The transparent powder used here is actually just the final touch.

2. Apply the fixating powder

Sandbagging involves includes the T-zone, under the eyes, and around the lips. Use a light sponge for application, and make sure you have a sufficiently thick layer.

3. Final touches

When finished applying, let it set in for 5-7 minutes, then go over again with final touches. You want it to look as natural as possible.

There you have it. No more worrying about heat, water or streaks, as well as that excessively glossy look – relax and enjoy yourself!

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