Shoes DIY Tutorial: Spiced Graceland Shoes Got Even More Beautiful! Is It Possible?

This could be the front page on the daily press to make a great visual impact on women. Normally I will not do that, I just show you how these sweeties (Deichmann EUR 19.90) got spiced up. For just EUR 5, – I gave them the finishing touches with buttons and beads.

Spice Shoes with Buttons and Beads

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

  • shoes
  • tape measure
  • marker
  • transparent sewing thread (preferably nylon thread)
  • needle
  • buttons (mine are about 1 cm in size)
  • 2.5 mm beads (these are called “Rocailles”)
  • wooden beads (about 1 cm wide)

Before You Start With the DIY Tutorial, Here’s a Valuable Tip:

Necessarily use a “pearls-needle” for this DIY project. So you easily get through even the smallest bead holes and save much time and trouble ;-).

DIY Tutorial: the Step-by-Step Craft Instructions:

DIY Step 1

With the tape measure and a marking pen draw the points where you later want to place the buttons. On my shoes, I have attached a button every 1.5 cm.

Here you can see where I marked the points.

DIY Step 2

For the next step pull the nylon thread from the upside through the first marked point. As the nylon thread is a bit stiff, it is important to place the node up to avoid any rubbing on the foot.

DIY Step 3

Now you pull the needle and thread back through the shoe strap upwards and then through the first buttonhole. Now you take on two small beads and pull the thread through the second buttonhole and again down through the shoe strap. You do this of course with all buttons.

The look of the shoe when you’re done with the shoe straps.

DIY Step 4

Now you spice the upper part. Here you work in a similar way: First, take the button, then the two beads will follow. Pull the needle and thread back through the first buttonhole and the proper bead. How many beads you take depends on the shoe and your taste.

DIY Step 5

When the desired length is reached, a large wooden bead and another two small beads are taken for the final closure. The large wooden bead gets fixed by the two small beads.

DIY Step 6

Now first you put the needle and thread through the large bead and then through all the other beads until you reach the top again. At least now the thin “pearl needle” has paid off ;-).

TIP: To make the bead decoration not too stiff, you should not stretch the thread too much. Leave it loosely

DIY Step 7

Now pull the thread even though the second buttonhole, through the proper bead and through the shoe material, and make a double knot. You repeat this step as often as necessary for your shoe, or as often as you want it to. In my case, I did it another 5 times ;-).

TIP: At the end of each “bead chain” I have made a double knot and for all following “chains” I always started with a new hread. So in case of a thread-plan, you can prevent the break of all three rows of beads.

DIY Tutorial – Final Result: Finished Shoes

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