Solution for Rotting Orchid Roots

Solution for Rotting Orchid Roots

A couple of months ago, I decided to buy an orchid to experience the incredible beauty of its blooming firsthand. Like any other flower, I put the orchid in a regular plastic pot, but gradually its roots began to rot. Naturally, I googled the solution to this problem, and saw an unusual advice from a florist, which is to move the orchid into a wooden basket, which will help air get to the roots, effectively preventing them from rotting.

“Makes sense,” I figured, so I decided to conduct an experiment and put the orchid into a wooden basket. And who woulda thunk? It really worked! That’s why I want to share this guide with you.

To transplant the orchid into a basket you’ll need the following:

  • a wooden or bamboo basket;
  • sphagnum moss;
  • bark (coarse and fine fractions).

1. Place the moss on the bottom and around the walls of the basket.

2. Lay out the large pieces of the bark.

3. Then place the orchid in the basket and lay out the fine bark.

4. Fill the rest of the basket with moss.

This type of basket will not only look more interesting than an ordinary plastic flower pot, but it can also be attached to the ceiling with something like a fishing line, so it will not take up valuable space in the apartment.

Grow gorgeous flowers and enjoy their beauty!

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