Some Colorful Décor Ideas Using Washi Tape

They did it again. Japan has long surprised, confused, and delighted us with very out-of-the-box ideas and applications. Washi tape is no exception. Washi means “Japanese paper”, referring to the material it is made of, which is what separates it from your normal tape. This tape is made of semi-transparent natural rice paper, giving it a unique, eco-friendly, and durable texture. As you can see, the broad, seemingly endless selection of colors, types, designs, lengths, and widths it comes in truly give it a catch-your-eye, trademark quality that cannot easily be recreated. The complete creativity and individuality definitely provide a large part of the appeal for the product. We are happy to share this collection of intriguing ideas for letting Washi tape infuse some life and inventive spirit into your living or creative space.

Some Colorful Décor Ideas Using Washi Tape

Furniture needs some coloring up just like the rest of us

Generally, the rule is as follows: before applying the tape, wipe the surface clean of dust, grease, or grime of any kind. Make sure to use the right cleaning supplies, depending on your furniture. Next wait until the surface is completely dry, and get down to business. Old side tables, drawers, shelves, or any other pieces of furniture that you otherwise might have gotten rid of will now become the head turner and center piece of your household décor. Out with the ordinary and stale, shed some decorative sunlight on your personal status quo and let your imagination birth something unrepeatable.

An old chest of drawers suddenly better than new

You’d be surprised at how far some ordinary polka dots can go in changing a place

A little color will make black seem less dark and daunting

The kids deserve a new look in their room too! Try this one out

Washi tape wall decorating

As you may have already guessed, this tape is good for more than just furniture. Why not transform your wall into a style statement that you’ll be proud to show off when you have people over? A few of the immediate advantages of this option are that the tape leaves no residue behind once removed and doesn’t harm the pre-existing wall material in any way. Finally you have permission to be impulsive and redecorate whenever and however often the weather or mood dictate, without spending an arm and a leg. Renters who don’t own their own place take especially well to this idea.

Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying Washi taping is the easiest thing you’ve done. It takes some time and precision, as well as an imagination up to the task. On the other hand, no special skills are required whatsoever, which is clearly a bonus. We recommend you make the decorating process an event for the whole family or group of friends. Make it fun, keep it light, turn up some music, take breaks, get your creative juices flowing, and enjoy the moment. Whether you choose stripes, spots, designs, pictures, animals, geometric figures, or anything else you find, one thing is true: the sky is the limit!

Decorate your favorite device

Breathe some life into your two-year-old, scraped up, out-of-date smartphone case by giving it a Washi tape kick. Trends change all the time, especially when it comes to electronics and how they look. So stay a few steps ahead of the mainstream mob and pull a new look out of your sleeve whenever you feel like it. Sure, teenagers will be all over this stuff, but why should they have a monopoly on awesome? Take what they’re doing to the next level. Do it, like it, roll with it. Seriously, look at these pics and tell me you don’t want that in your pocket or briefcase.

Keyboard designs. If you work or create on your laptop, take a leap into the extraordinary and who knows, maybe it’ll be just that bit of inspiration you needed.

General décor with colorful tape. Stop reading for a second and take a look around. There has to be something you want to liven up, right? Well now’s the time. Give yourself permission to a healthy discontent with the boring.

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