Some Long Term Tips To Closet Neatness

Don’t know about you, but I’ve had just about enough of turning my closet upside down every time I need to find the other half of a pair of shoes. I think it is time to retire my trademark just-after-a-hurricane organizing system, and move on to something a little more effective. So join me as I embark on this endeavor, looking to a few simple principles as my North Stars.

These principles are:

  • organization is a process, approach it gradually.
  • after done using or washing, return things to their proper places.

Let’s be honest. Cleaning up, and even organizing is not the real problem here. The root issue, is keeping things tidy on a continual basis. That’s where our little system comes in handy.

Free your floor space of loose shoes and use containers.

containers for shoes

Implement every inch of the available space, with shelves, drawers, etc.

shelves, drawers, etc.

shelves, drawers, etc.

Separate hang-up clothes, keeping them easily accessible. Like here, shirts on top, pants down below.

This type of little trey or drawer is perfect for smaller items.

little trey for smaller items

little trey for smaller items

Plastic holders and separators are life savers.

Plastic holders and separators

Plastic holders and separators

You can never have too many drawers and boxes.

drawers and boxes

These individual shelves are ideal for keeping your shoes in retail condition.

individual shelves for shoes

Label everything. You will thank me later.

Color coordination is always helpful.

Color coordination

Doors are good for keeping things in place and avoiding mix-ups.

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