Spice Up A T-shirt With Fabric Remnants And Chains

Those who like me, do not like big shoulder pads, but still want to show strong shoulders, I want to advise this 21st DIY Advent guide. It is very simple and you need nothing except a few t-shirt fabric remnants and a chain from the hardware store.

Perhaps you have made this DIY project and there are some fabric remnants left over? For these lying around not too long and needing unnecessary space, I have written these instructions. Before working on this T-shirt, I have already spiced up the same top in black and was so excited that now this gray top even “had to believe in it”.

By the way, with these DIY instructions, there is no need for sewing and are suitable for DIY beginners.

Material And Tools – For This DIY Project You Need

1.) top or sweatshirt that you want to spice up
2.) fabric remnants from an old T-shirt
3.) scissors (1x standard and 1 x nail scissors)
4.) about one meter long chain (available at hardware stores)
5.) a long, pointed object to make small holes (eg needle for wool)
6.) caliper

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

Double-fold the T-shirt (or the fabric remnants) and cut strips of about 2.5 centimeters width with different lengths and with tapering end.

DIY Step 2

Separate different chain lengths by bending of chain parts. The opened parts you need later!

DIY Step 3

In the shoulder area with the nail, scissors sting always two very small holes in the shirt or sweatshirt …

DIY Step 4

… and pull through the strips of fabric. About 4 centimeters below the shoulder seam I also draw through two strips of fabric.

DIY Step 5

With the needle again pierce 2 holes (see large photo) for an opened chain part.

DIY Step 6

Now hang the chain on it and close the open chain-link with the caliper. Alternatively, you can sew the chains on the top. DONE!!!

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “T-shirt With Fabric Remnants And Chains”

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