String Art in Modern Interior Design

String art dates back to 17th century England, where it was a creative sensation at the time. They would drive nails into a wooden board in a certain pattern, so as to then wrap it with string in a specific order, giving birth to a beautiful design. This art has been perfected over several centuries, now often using different materials.

String Art in Modern Interior Design

Nowadays this practice is very simple and fun even for beginners.

Depicting images on wood using string art has evolved into a very stylish method of interior design.

Be careful to choose colors taking into account the overall color scheme of the room.

Achieving the right look is contingent on choosing the right string.

The final results will look more neat, when woven together, but some concepts require thinner, singular threads.

The most common thread for string art is floss, since it is easiest to work with.

Take care to keep the string evenly painted, shiny, and even.

Woolen threads are not the right choice here, since they shed and don’t have the same shiny quality.

Perhaps the greatest qualities of string art are that can be done so quick, and offers nearly endless opportunities as far as shapes and designs.

String art is a powerful tool in broadening your imagination, developing your motor skills, finger nimbleness, creative approach and esthetic taste.

It is a wonderful hobby that teaches you to work with your hands, as well as being gorgeous.

String art is an exciting pastime for adults and kids alike. Children really get into choosing their string, their colors, then making it all come together.

Say what you will, but nobody can argue with the special and unique look graphic string art offers.

When finished, it looks extremely difficult.

Whenever you have company over, make sure not to let on that you did the whole piece over one evening.

String art compositions are becoming more and more common in museums and all kinds of art projects.

More modern looking interiors look exquisite when adorned with this technique.

The list goes on. Even your walls can be nicely complimented by string art.

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