The Bad Weather and Its Advantages: Fashion DIY Tutorial With a Men’s T-Shirt

My shopping trips always include a visit to the men’s department as well. They’re often a woman who finds something interesting, like this cool printed men’s T-shirt. Even before the pay, I knew that I would spice it.

A tip in advance:

You even can spice up a T-shirt in your size. In this case, you can jump to step 6 (cut neckline) and start there with your spicing up.

For This DIY Project You Need:

The needed material for the fashion DIY tutorial: stitch up a men’s T-shirt

  • a cool T-shirt (I wear size XS / S, my “pimped”-shirt was a men’s shirt in size XL)
  • ruler
  • marker
  • scissors
  • pins
  • wooden beads
  • sewing machine or sewing kit

DIY Tutorial: The Step-By-Step Craft Instructions

DIY Step 1

First, we take the large-XL shirt in. For this step either you put another fitting shirt over it or you measure up yourself at your widest part. Now you draw the lines with the marker and the ruler on the men’s shirt.

DIY Step 2

After you fixed the width of the shirt you draw the marks for the sleeves.

DIY Step 3

Now cut the T-shirt along with the marks (with an extra seam allowance of about 1.5 cm). Still keep the T-shirt remains, you will need them later for the fringe straps.

DIY Step 4

Turn the shirt’s inside out and mark the height of the sleeve with a pin. Then pin the shirt at the edges.

DIY Step 5

Sew the shirt up until the mark for the sleeves.

DIY Step 6

Now cut off the neck seam. I made a wide round neck, if you like something sexier, you can cut away a bit more at the neckline.

DIY Step 7

Now the straps will be made somewhat shorter. So, first, pull on the shirt in front of the mirror and mark the cuts.

DIY Step 8

You don’t need to seam the straps and the neckline. Just firmly pull the fabric at the cut-off edges. The T-shirt fabric curls slightly and the cut-off edges are no longer visible.

DIY Step 9

Now you make the fabric fringes for the straps: Take the two remaining fabrics and cut off the sleeves. From the rest of the material, you make twice (each side) 6 approximately equal width stripes.

DIY Step 10

Knot two strips together, pull on both ends and if the node is strong enough, cut away the edges with the scissors. If you want you even can sew together the two strips.

DIY Step 11

Put three long fringes together and knot them on the strap.

DIY Step 12

Up to your taste attach one or more wooden beads to the fringes. Then make knots at the ends to fix the beads at the fabric fringes. DONE!

DIY Tutorial – Final Result “Stitch Up a Men’s T-shirt”

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