The Perfect Kitchen, Both Functional and Gorgeous

The thing every homemaker is thinking, but rarely dares to say; I want my kitchen to be gorgeous! Functionality can take such precedence, that we forget to make the kitchen a place to be enjoyed. You should be proud to invite a friend in for a counter side drink, or quiet conversation. Apply a couple of these designer ideas to your kitchen, and transform it from a dread into a sanctuary.

This quaint little floor-level drawer is excellent for storing those wine bottles.

quaint little floor-level drawer

A simple collapsing or sliding door is all you need when storing electronic counter top appliances.

collapsing or sliding door

Nifty slide-out drawers like this one serve well for keeping smaller appliances.

Nifty slide-out drawers

A built-in breadbox can save you some space. And its just really cool, right?

A built-in breadbox

Get your hands on some plastic containers, they make life that much easier.

plastic containers

This specially made wooden cover is a revolutionary idea for combining your workplace and kitchen area.

wooden cover for combining your workplace and kitchen area

Keep your towels in this type of thin slide-out panel.

thin slide-out panel

Finally, something to keep your doggy bowl from being underfoot and out of sight.

Some shelving above your sink makes space for soaps, sponges and detergents.

The insides of cabinet doors can be used for small kitchen stuff.

The insides of cabinet doors

This pull-out cutting board saves time and is always nearby.

pull-out cutting board

Say goodbye to those always-in-the-way kitchen stools.

Extra counter and table space is made possible by this roll-out table.

roll-out table

Get a designer crate or box to hang on your wall for growing or keeping plants.

designer crate or box to hang on your wall for growing or keeping plants

Some glass walling can give a lot of character to your kitchen, not to mention how easy it is to clean.

glass walling

Just a plastic pipe in your cabinet can save a lot of space.

plastic pipe

Put together a vertical slide-out shelf to maximize the use of the area behind your fridge.

vertical slide-out shelf

Table extension for extra kitchen space.

Table extension for extra kitchen space

Go for some custom-made kitchen wooden seating and free up even more room.

custom-made kitchen wooden seating

And last but not least, the proper place for frying pans.

proper place for frying pans

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