These 10 Life-hacks Can Save A Woman’s Day!

Inconvenient shoes on heels, a bra with painfully protruding bone, nasty pellets on clothes … Why endure all this, if you can use ingenious women’s secrets to avoid many inconvenient little problems?

Emergency Lifehacks For Woman

shaving foam lifehacks

1. Did you know that shaving foam is a great stain remover? It helps to cope with cosmetic stains, tomato juice and oil stains. Apply a small amount of foam to the problem area, rub it slightly then rinse with water. Brilliant!

clothespin lifehacks

2. Use a clothespin to hold the headphones compact and neat. This will prevent headphones wire from tangling and breaking. Alternatively, you can use a small hairpin.

nail polish lifehacks

3. Clear nail polish applied on tips of laces will stop them from fraying.

lifehacks for woman

4. Panty liners will prevent sweat stains on your shirt on hot summer days!

lifehacks for woman

5. Sewing a bra in a backless dress – what a brilliant solution!

lifehacks for woman

6. Sew a small hook with a snap button to keep your bra strap in place.

lifehacks for woman

7. Here’s how to quickly fix the emergency bra problem! When another one is not at hand, for example, on a trip, this lifehack with a cut panty liner is a saver…

lifehacks for woman

8. A simple razor will remove lint from your favourite pants and sweater. Neat look always and everywhere!

stretch tight shoes

9. This is how you can stretch tight shoes. Fill plastic bags with water and place them inside narrow parts of shoes you want to stretch, then place shoes in the freezer overnight.

lifehacks for woman

10. Here are some excellent tips for those who love high heels. If you roll up the third and fourth toes with tape or band-aid, the pressure on the ankle joint during walking on pumps will decrease. You’ll feel much more comfortable, and your legs will not get easily tired!

lifehacks for woman

11. Wearing open toe pumps with feet liners will prevent blisters. At the same time, your legs on those heels will look flawless!
lifehacks for woman

12. You can make soft liners especially to wear with high-heels. Your favourite pumps will remain comfortable even by the end of the evening!

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