Think Twice Before Tossing Your Old Wallpaper

Think Twice Before Tossing Your Old Wallpaper

Wallpaper can work wonders for your interior design concept. But don’t limit yourself to just the brand new stuff! Extra pieces of wallpaper leftover from your remodeling can spice up more than just your walls. Your closets, dressers, lamps and even stairs are fair game. This approach has a certain appeal, elegance, and originality to it.

Colorful and bright designs are great for decorating your staircase.

Leftover wallpaper can be just what you needed for your bed head.

Decorate you kids’ room with a world map of a different kind.

Or choose another shape or design.

This wall hanging craft can be made with ordinary paper and wallpaper alike.

Unusual and stylish drapes.

Trendy wall concepts can transform your surroundings, just let your imagination run away with you!

Add some dimension and depth to your furniture by lining your shelves and drawers with your favorite paper.

Combine several different wallpapers and you won’t have to stop with one wall; cover the entire room!

Old shoeboxes don’t have to look old. At some elegance and see how you like it.

For you plant lovers out there, brighten up the room by bringing your flower pots to life. Glue on the paper and cover it with polish of some kind.

Old wallpaper can be used for gift cards, notebooks, and cookbooks as well.

A neat little tray.

An old guestroom lampshade.

Buy some wallpaper with different shapes on it, and color each one in with the kids later.

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