Tips and Tricks for Adjusting Your Clothes

It’s really not our business whenever you feel like there is a need to expand the size of your favorite item of clothing – that’s something everyone figures by themselves. But nonetheless clothing can shrink after washing or it no longer fits because you’ve grown. With knitted clothing it’s fairly easy to mix it up, but textiles is where it gets complicated.

Tips and Tricks for Adjusting Your Clothes

That’s why we put together this list of tips and tricks for whenever you need to adjust the size of your clothing.

If the item in question is fairly wide, but has narrow sleeves, then you can make large shoulder straps: either embroidered, or laced — or just from fabric (contrasting, matching, with stripes – whatever your heart desires).

If your problem is the opposite: the sleeves fit, but the rest of it is too snug, you can sew in decorative straps on the sides — either of the same texture and color—

—or contrasting, of different color and texture.

Or you can adjust the size by widening either the back or the front.

Pants can also be expanded in different ways: along the entire length (both from the outside seam and from the inside).

An example of how to sew on the side seam (suitable for skirts):

In the belt area you can add inserts in the side or back seam. They can be made of knitwear, which will add to the feeling of “freedom” for your legs.

And finally: expand a dress in all dimensions! This old dress has been cut along all seams that it had, and had contrasting stripes for the sleeves, sides and the bottom sewn in.

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