Too many old clothes? Put them to good use!

If you are into fashion at all, then you have often thought about updating your wardrobe. This presents the perfect chance to dream up some sizzling summer outfits.

Let’s stop and tackle this wardrobe issue from a different angle. Instead of rushing to the store to spend a bunch of money you don’t actually have, go through the old stuff first. Pick out all the things you can definitely part with, but could possibly be brought back to life with a few tweaks.

Now comes the planning stage with room for some imaginations. Once you have an idea of what you want, start getting together the materials, like the pieces of cloth, buttons, beads, lace, thread, find the right colors, and all that good stuff.

The options are endless, and ideas should be flowing freely. We hope you get some inspiration from this post, and venture to design something yourself. We love casting our little spells on old and unwanted clothes, giving them that spark and unique look they lacked to start with. This will make dressing for the summer season so much less of a headache while spending a fraction of what you would on new things.

Here you can shorten your T-shirt by just bunching it up at the side seam, and fixating it with a drawstring.

Transforming blouses and button-up shirts

Who knew your dress shirt could make for a nice and comfortable skirt

When your favorite jeans and pants are too small

Altering the length and decorating the bottom is easy

Ideas for colder days

And just a touch of kids wear

Have a good day and stay inspired!

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